About us

Tailored Service, Perfect Results!

Our company specializes in the professional removal of existing corrosion and protection from further corrosion.

Our strengths which make us an ideal partner are:

Our employees are continuously trained on the latest technology and work practices. This always enables us to use the latest techniques and equipment on our projects. Thus we always ensure high quality, diligent professional service to our clients.

Our sophisticated network enables SK-corrosion to offer services all over Europe. Our knowledgeable staff compensates for any language barriers.

Orders are handled individually and in a customer-oriented manner.

We guarantee a very favorable cost-benefit ratio in our projects.

Our Service Offering

The combination of high-quality work, extensive and wide-ranging expertise, and consistent quality are our strengths!

All work is carried out quickly and professionally.


Our staff is at all times a highly competent team, as can be tailored to specific job requirements.


We ensure your & our safety.


All legal requirements are always met.