We are happy to offer our Consultancy services to our Clients’ individual needs and mobilize our qualified and experienced teams to deliver flawless results.


The harsh environmental conditions and stringent Regulatory and Client Safety requirements in Offshore Facilities necessitate appropriately trained professionals and an uncompromising attitude to safety.

Our qualified staff and our adherence to Health, Safety and Environmental requirements guarantees project delivery to high standards while maintaining safe working conditions.

Our services and staff are tailored for the requirements of Offshore, Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind industries.


Recent technical and regulatory developments have rendered Renewable sources of energy economically competitive and created a whole new range of business opportunities.

In this respect, Wind Power gained special prominence and altered the energy landscape of many regions. Our company has built on its previous experience in industrial projects and developed its staff base to enable us to offer our services to this field as well.


We have vast experience and project delivery examples of flooring systems with our highly qualified staff in various locations. We have provided our services for both newbuilt projects and also upgrade of existing facilities.

We are happy to discuss the individual needs of our clients and provide tailored teams to meet job requirements.


In the field of corrosion protection, we provide sound maintenance measures for steel surfaces in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. We engage with different sectors, such as industrial facilities, hangars, bridges, pipelines, tanks, and containers.

With high-quality, cutting-edge technology and a team of well-trained staff, we guarantee long-term corrosion protection for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Our flexible and competent workforce can be tailored for individual projects, even on very short notice. Our vast industrial experience is also reflected by our continuous engagement with European and International Client base.


With our long history in the Marine sector and our skilled professional corrosion protection teams, we are ready to meet even the most challenging project requirements.

Our delivery portfolio includes passenger ships, high-speed ferries, container vessels, tankers, car transporters, frigates, and corvettes, amongst others.

We can provide consultancy services to our clients to develop appropriate solutions for each job and provide highly qualified teams to execute projects.

Our continuous engagement with our regular Clients is a testament to the quality and reliability of our capabilities.


The Yacht is always seen as an exclusive and prestigious object and must be developed and processed as such.

The very exclusive segment of “Yacht Finishing” requires a great deal of sensitivity and in-depth knowledge of the detailed work needed in these vessels. It is often described as a supreme discipline among the coating industry because it takes into account even the smallest dust particle to guarantee a flawless coating and, thus, a perfect appearance.

SK-Korrosion is a reputable company in the “Yacht Finishing” industry, as our employees always deliver high-quality output for our demanding Clients to their complete satisfaction.