Recent technical and regulatory developments have rendered Renewable sources of energy economically competitive and created a whole new range of business opportunities.

In this respect, Wind Power gained special prominence and altered the energy landscape of many regions. Our company has built on its previous experience in industrial projects and developed its staff base to enable us to offer our services to this field as well. 

We focus both on the fields of newbuilt facilities and the repair of components of the wind turbines.

Our service range includes the coating of rotor blades and complete components such as towers and nacelles, lamination services, amongst others.

Coating of Rotor Blades
Coating of Towers and Nacelles
Coating of Monopiles, Transition pieces, Offshore Substation
Lamination Works
High-pressure cleaning
Manual and mechanical grinding
Application of protective films
Application of various coating systems
Our flexible company structure enables us to provide tailored teams to individual project specifications.